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Dr. Todd Holmes

Never before, in the history of mankind, has there ever been a greater need for leaders to be raised up in the Body of Christ. Leaders that know the presence of God. Leaders that know the Word of God. Leaders that know how to hear from God. Leaders that know who they are in Christ. Leaders that know how to speak with the authority that God has given to them. Leaders that know how to flow with the Holy Spirit as he is moving. Here at Smoky Mountain Bible College, we raise up, train, and launch leaders that know these things.

For decades, it has been part of my calling to establish a Kingdom culture through strong leaders that are filled with God’s wisdom, with His character, and with his power. Smoky Mountain Bible College exists because of the need to see men and women equipped, empowered, and enthused to do the work of the ministry. Ministry that will produce a harvest of souls coming in from every race, tongue, tribe, & nation. Signs, wonders, & miracles will be done by those who are raised up from this school.

Supernatural boldness will clothe them, for they will be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and they will carry the fire of God throughout this nation, and the nations of the world! Their message will be the Gospel of Peace, presented in love, and highlighted by joy in the Holy Ghost.

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